Saltwater Chlorination Systems

AquaRite Salt Systems

The AquaRite salt system is one of the oldest saltwater chlorination systems but still one of the best after all these years.

IntelliChlor Salt System

We are experienced at installing and working on the IntelliChlor saltwater chlorination system.  We can advise you on sizing and maintenance.

Borate Treatment

A periodic borate treatment is a great alternative to the expense of a salt system.  A treatment costs about $225 and lasts about three months.  Scroll down for more information.

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Hayward AquaRite Salt System

The Hayward AquaRite Salt System is one of the earliest salt chlorinators and one that has stood the test of time, while many others came and went.  

We like this salt system because it is simple and it is easy to work on.

If one part breaks down it can be replaced all by itself, rather than replacing an entire expensive bundled part.  


Pentair IntelliChlor Salt System

The Pentair IntelliChlor system has been a proven performer for many years.  

It communicates with the Pentair control system so you can monitor it on the ScreenLogic app on your phone or tablet or computer.

We recommend oversizing the cell in the Texas market so you can produce enough chlorine in the peak season.


Maintenance Tips

Success with a saltwater chlorination system depends on a few key things:

1.  Keep your stabilizer level up at 80 ppm or higher – when you produce chlorine, this will help to keep it from gassing off. You can run your salt cell lower this way.

2. Keep your pH at the low end of acceptable range.

3. Watch your salt level. If it keeps going down rapidly, you probably have a pool leak.

Borate Treatment

Borates are packaged and sold under various brand names in the industry, but they are all essentially borax. Plant life (algae) requires sunlight, water and carbon dioxide.  Borate deprives the algae of carbon dioxide, making it nearly impossible to grow.

People call us every year with difficult algae issues and in our experience, this process has resolved the algae issue every time within 7-14 days.

Borate has a water softening quality and combined with its other benefits, it provides many of the benefits of salt systems.  You still use chlorine tablets, but considerably less.

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