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Pool Spa Control Systems

EasyTouch Control System

The EasyTouch Pool Spa control system by Pentair is a very good all around system that works very well in most pool situations.  Some systems come with ScreenLogic for web integration.

Pentair IntelliFlo 3 Plus

The Pentair IntelliFlo 3 is a great variable speed pool pump but it also doubles as a web-enabled control system that works for most basic pools.

Web Connectivity

Monitor and control your pool and spa and other features directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer.  ScreenLogic works with the full control systems and Pentair Home works with things like IntelliFlo 3 pumps and more.

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Pentair EasyTouch System

The EasyTouch Control system is a great all around choice.  The PSL4 Pool/Spa Control system and the PL4 Pool Control system come with ScreenLogic web connect at no extra charge.

Pentair EasyTouch

Full Featured Systems with Web Connect

The PL4 and PSL4 systems are full featured packages that include ScreenLogic web connect at no additional charge ($750 value).

If you need to control more than 4 circuits, then Pentair has larger EasyTouch systems that can be combined with ScreenLogic at an additional charge.

PSL4 Specifications

Installed Price:  $2650.00

Warranty:  2 years parts and labor

Connectivity: ScreenLogic Connect

Controls Aux Relays:  3

Outside Control Panel:  Yes

Includes outdoor box, temp sensors, actuators and ScreenLogic Connect.

Pentair IntelliFlo 3

with relay board

Its like buying a pump and getting a free control system

The IntelliFlo 3 pump is offered with an option that includes a relay board, which is basically an integrated control system.  It controls two additional relays (poolsweep pump, salt system or light)

The pump has an antenna (relocatable) which connects to Pentair Home.

It has thermal protection which will turns on the pump in freezing weather, but for heavy freezes, we recommend running it 24 hours per day.


Installed Price:  $2850.00 plus extra setup for additional features.

Warranty:  3 years parts and labor

Connectivity: Bluetooth, WiFi, Cable

Controls Aux Relays:  2

On Pump Display: Extra

Total Horsepower:  3.0

Pentair Web Connect

Pentair Screenlogic and Pentair Home

Pentair ScreenLogic is used with Pentairs full control systems like the EasyTouch and IntelliTouch.  The advantage of ScreenLogic is that it comes with a wireless connect feature that provides a longer range of connectivity than WiFi.

Pentair Home is used with IntelliConnect and IntelliFlo3 as well as other newer control accessories.  


Other Pentair Controls

Pentair IntelliTouch, IntelliCenter, IntelliConnect

Pentair has a lot of control systems out there.  The IntelliTouch was their higher end unit which has largely been superceded by the EasyTouch and the IntelliCenter.

The IntelliCenter is their highest end system, but we only recommend it for more complex systems where the EasyTouch is not sufficient.

The IntelliConnect is a basic pool control system. 


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