Pool Plaster/Resurfacing

Pool Resurfacing

We are a well established company with a solid reputation. This assure you of a well-organized process from start to finish.

Pool Tile

We have built a large design gallery so you can look at a wide variety of tile choices and view them side by side with coping and plaster samples.

Pool Coping

We help you select the right coping product for your pool and we make sure it is installed properly so it not only looks good but also lasts.

Pool Decks

Decks are the most expensive part of the project and it is important to make the right choices that will stay looking good for a long time.

Pool Water Features

If you like the sight and sounds of water, we can build you anything from simple to sublime.
Sheer descents, rockfall features or tiered spa spillways all add to the beauty of your pool.

Pool Modifications

We provide a new look for older pools.  We can add a tanning ledge or a water feature or a table with stools.  If you want to turn your deep pool into a shallow play pool.

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Summer Streamline Special

Take advantage of our Summer Streamline Special – good until July 15, 2023. 

We can resurface (plaster/mini-pebble) and retile your pool with just one week downtime in most cases.

  • Take 5% off the cost of plaster or mini-pebble
  • Take 5% off the cost of tile
  • Take 10% off the cost of mastic, stone sealing or scale blasting

Mini Pebble

We offer several different pool resurfacing options, but the most popular is mini-pebble because it is so durable and colorfast.

It offers a more natural look than plain white plaster and greater resistance to water chemistry damage.

One common question is this “does it feel rough?”  While it is not as smooth as white plaster or quartz finishes, most people who check it out find it to be quite acceptable.

View our mini-pebble gallery here

Quartz Finishes

We sell very few quartz finishes these days.  It is not a bad finish, but quartz relies much more on dyes for its color and appearance.

Since dye is organic, it tends to fade out over time.  High chlorine levels can greatly speed up that color fading process.

The color is not as consistent looking as mini-pebble because the exposure method is much different.

If you want something smoother than mini-pebble, this is worth looking at.

View our quartz gallery here

White Plaster

White plaster is the least expensive of the pool finishes.  It is also the most troublesome.

White plaster is like wearing a white shirt to a barbeque outing.  Every little acorn stain or trowel mark shows.  It is also more likely to show mottling, which is common on white plaster.

With that said, it is a good finish.  It is just more likely to show imperfection.

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