Step 1 – Leak Testing

Leakalyzer Test

This unique device allows us to measure your pool or spa water loss down to 1/10,000th of an inch.  This gives us a very objective determination of the presence and severity of a leak.

Pressure Test

We test all the accessible piping to see if there are any leaks in the plumbing.  We carry a wide variety of styles and sizes of plugs so we can test most every situation.

Dye Testing

We use dye to check for leaks in cracks, skimmers, lights, drain sumps and other potential suspect locations.

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We have several test to help us measure the severity of the leak as well as narrow down the general location – structure, piping or equipment.

Our precision instrument is able to measure your water loss down to 1/10,000th of an inch.   This means that we can accurately estimate your daily water loss from a 15 minute test.

Testing before and after a repair allows us to determine with certainty if the leak has truly been resolved.

Pressure Testing

We pressure test each accessible line with water to see if it will hold 15 psi for 5 minutes.  If a line is leaking at least 1 psi per minute, we apply air and start listening with our ground equipment.

If a line is leaking, but less than 1 psi per minute, we can find it, but it may require additional time and expense because it will be more difficult to find.


Dye Testing

If we detect that the pool is losing water and the loss is not found in the piping, then we narrow down our search to shell and structural issues.

We use dye to test for potential leaks in skimmers, cracks and voids, pool lights and drain sumps.  

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Leak detection is by far the most difficult discipline in this industry.

We are committed to doing it to the highest standards.