Step 3 – Pool Leak Repair

Leak Repair

We carefully cut the deck and repair and retest the affected line.  We also try to assess the cause of the leak so we can try to keep it from recurring.

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This is another area where our processes make the difference.

Cutting the Deck

Instead of just smashing an ugly hole in the deck, we cut a square or try to follow the lines of the deck.  We pull out the deck piece and do our repair then we put the deck piece back.

When we are done you will see the sawcut lines – and we do have to slightly overcut because it is a round blade.  We put grout material in the joint and try to blend it in, but the lines will definitely be noticeable, but that is far better than having an ugly grey broom finish patch.

There are some cases where the patch cannot be saved because of the quality of the concrete, but we will do our best. 

Making the Repair

We warranty our under deck repairs for two full years, so you can be certain that we are going to make sure it is done right.

In the picture you can see the broken PVC elbow coming right out of the wall.  After we cut the broken fitting out, there will be no pipe to attach to.  Many people use pipe extenders, but they are weak and will easily break in the future.

We chip out the gunite to expose more clean pipe so we can attach a regular schedule 40 PVC fitting.  This insures a full strength repair that will last.

Finish Work

When we are done, we retest the line and then put the concrete back in place using mortar  (it will never match totally). If the deck must be patched, a direct match will not be possible.

Since we do a lot of tile and stone work as a company, we can do a good job of repairing any stone or tile that must be removed in the process.

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Leak detection is by far the most difficult discipline in this industry.

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