Swimming Pool Leak Detection

Step 1 - Leak Testing

The first step is to determine the approximate source and severity of the leak.  The Leakalyzer can help us tell if the leak is in the pool or spa and how much water is being lost per day.

Step 2 - Leak Location

Finding the exact location of a leak can be very challenging.   We have invested in a wide array of tools to help us locate the most difficult leaks.

Step 3 - Leak Repair

We are careful to repair the leak in a way that will keep it from recurring.  We provide a two year warranty on all underground leak repairs.

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Step 1 – Leak Testing

Our goal is to get to the source of fhe leak as quickly as possible.  The Leakalyzer measures water down to 1/10,000th of an inch.  We can literally watch the effect of water evaporating from your pool.

From a simple 15 minute test we can determine your daily water loss and if that exceeds normal evaporation rates.

From there we can proceed to pressure testing and dye testing to help narrow down the source of the problem whether it be plumbing or structural in nature.

Leak Location

We get better results because we have better equipment, not just basic stuff like most leak detectors. The short video on the left shows our cam vac system which uses a camera to pinpoint the leak inside the PVC pipe.  We also use elemental tracer gas to help locate leaks. Most leak detectors rely primarily on the deck plate and the soil probe, but we have at least 8 different tools for different scenarios.

The end result is that we find leaks, and we stick with the problem until we determine the root cause.  We are often called in to find leaks where others have walked away, and so far we have found them every time.

Leak Repair

We cut out the broken piece or pipe and retest the remainder of the line to make sure that there are no other breaks in that line.  Many times a larger leak will mask a smaller one.  

We then put the area back together.  When we are cutting into a deck, we try to take out a square piece that we can drop back into place, avoiding an ugly patch.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Leak detection is by far the most difficult discipline in this industry.

We are committed to doing it to the highest standards.