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Pool & Spa Pumps

There are some exciting options out there when it comes to swimming pool pumps.  We can guide you through the choices to find the pump that is perfect for your situation.

Swimming Pool Filters

Pool filters have come a long ways in the 40 years we have been in the industry. We will help you find the filter that will work best for you from a cost and maintenance standpoint.

Swimming Pool Heaters

We have some great options for you.  We not only install, but we are also experienced in the diagnosis and repair of pool heaters.

Swimming Pool Spa Controls

Stumbling around your pool equipment trying to turn things on is so . . . 1980.  We install the latest in electronic controls at prices you will love.

Pool & Spa Lights

We’ve got exciting options in pool and spa lights including beautiful affordable LED conversion bulbs for standard fixtures.

Salt Water Chlorination

Tired of the high cost of chlorine.  Maybe it is time to make your own with a saltwater chlorination system.

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Installation – New Equipment

When it is time to install new pool equipment, please call us.  We have decades of experience in all aspects of troubleshooting, repair and installation.

We do not recommend just one brand.  We choose from the best of all brands based on our experience.  We have seen a lot of equipment come and go over the years.  We know what works well and gives the best value overall.

We stand behind everything we install.

Troubleshooting & Repair

Good quality pumps, filters and heaters should generally last ten years or more.  Some things like poolsweep pumps and salt cells only last 3-5 in most cases.

If something can be repaired at a reasonable price, we will recommend that, and we will back up our repairs with a one year parts and labor guarantee.

If something like a heater is nearing ten years old, we will advise you to do small repairs, but not to put a lot of money into it, because it might be throwing good money after bad.

Warranty Support

We are a Pentair authorized warranty center and we provide factory warranty for pumps, heaters, filters and most everything else within our geographical area.

This means that you can deal with people you know if problems arise with your Pentair product.


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