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Swimming Pool and Spa Pumps

Variable Speed Pumps

Pentair has led the variable speed pump industry since its inception and they are not slowing down.  They have every feature that someone could want into this variable speed pump.

Single Speed Pumps

With the efficiency guidelines that took effect in July 2021, there are only a few single speed pumps that meet the DOE standards, but they are a viable option for smaller pools.

Poolsweep Booster Pumps

These pumps are designed to power booster driven cleaners such as the Polaris 280. Pentair has just brought out the HydroBoost pump.

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IntelliFlo 3 Pump - like buying a variable speed pump and getting a pool control system for FREE -Click here for details.

Variable Speed Pumps

As of July 2021, the Department of Energy requires that new inground pool pumps be energy efficient variable speed pumps, rather than single speed pumps.  

Before this mandate went into effect, about 90% of our customers were purchasing variable speed pumps anyways simply because of the energy savings of about $750.00 per year

All of the Pentair variable speed pumps integrate with Pentair controls and some work with AquaLink controls also.  

Pentair IntelliFlo 3

Pentair is the industry leader

There are a number of manufacturers making variable speed pumps but Pentair has been the leader since the inception.

They cover all needs and budgets with a broad lineup of variable speed pumps including the IntelliFlo3, the IntelliFlo VSF, the WhisperFlo VST and the SuperFlo VST.

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Check out our detailed look at the IntelliFlo 3 Pump


Single Speed Pumps

Pentair Single Speed Pumps

Efficient Pumps for Smaller Pools

Pentair has some single speed 1.1 total horsepower pumps that work well for smaller home pools up to about 30,000 gallons.

The price is about $1000 less than a variable speed pump so it is worth looking at if you are trying to get a good quality pump for less money.

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Poolsweep Booster Pumps

Pentair Booster Pumps

Pumps for Booster Driven Cleaners

Booster Driven cleaners like the Polaris 280 require a special pump that will create the necessary pressure and flow to properly run the pool cleaner.

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