Pentair Light Control Options

Standard Light Switch

As far as we know, every color-changing LED light can be switched from one color the next by turning the light switch on and off, but that is a beating.

Pentair Color Sync Switch

If you have Pentair Color Changing LED lights but no electronic controller, this switch will fill the gap.  Works with any Pentair compatible light.

Electronic Control Systems

All the Pentair control systems will control the Pentair lights.  AquaLink systems will also.  The only catch is that the power must route through the controller.

Pentair IntelliFlo 3

The IntelliFlo 3 pump with the I/O board option can be used to program and control Pentair lights, but the power must route through the pump area.

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Standard Light Switch

As far as we know, all color changing LED lights can be switched from one color to the next by cycling the switch on an off.  Normally, if you turn the light off in one color, it will stay in that color when you turn it on again.

With that said, it is a bit of a beating to have to turn the light off and on over and over again to finally get to the color or light show you are looking for.

This is why people prefer to have some kind of light controller, and there are some good options available.

Pentair Color Sync Switch

The Pentair Color Sync switch is a great way to control Pentair type LED lights.  

This controller connects to your phone via Bluetooth and once you have connected via Bluetooth, you can connect it to your WiFi so you can then program and control it via the Pentair Home app.

You need to have a strong signal to be able to do that or the Wifi part will not work dependably.


Electronic Control Systems

If you have a reasonably new Pentair or Jandy control system, you can control IntelliBrite lights via the system and on their web app.

The only requirement is that the light power source be routed through the control system.  If the GFCI is near the control system, you can run the light circuit through the control system.

Pentair lights are controlled by a system that simulates turning a light switch on and off with a light switch.  I have a feeling that this will soon be changed, because this method is rather primitive.

Pentair IntelliFlo 3 Pump

Don’t forget that the IntelliFlo 3 pump with the optional I/O board also serves as a control system that can control your lights.

This assumes that your light circuit travels through the equipment area so it can be routed through the pump housing.

This allows you to use the Pentair Home app to program and control your lights.

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