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IntelliFlo 3 Pump – Detailed Look

IntelliFlo 3 Detailed Look

In this page we detail all the great features of the IntelliFlo 3 pump in more detail than you will find anywhere else.

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Detailed Look – IntelliFlo 3

Pentair has recently released their newest pump – the IntelliFlo 3. It is so new and different that it merits a deeper detailed look.

Here is the big deal . . . for most pools without spas, this also gives you a web enabled pool control system that will control not only this pump, but also a poolsweep pump and lights.  This pump will replace not only your existing pump, but also your pool control system or dual timer system.  

Hopefully you will find this information helpful as you consider your pump options.

Connect Via Pentair Home App

The pump offers a direct connection to the Pentair Home App which you can view on your mobile device.

This allows you to control and monitor your pump programming and operation.

With the optional I/O board, you can control two other circuits – one 6 amp for lights or salt system and one 15 amp for poolsweep pump.

Optional I/O Board

The optional I/O board allows you to connect two other circuits.  It can take one 6 amp circuit and one 15 amp circuit, great for a pool light and a poolsweep pump.

The terminal to the left operates like the old CommLink adapter. If you jump between the 12v terminal and a terminal 1-4, it will trigger the pump to run at that speed.  See the manual for more information.

You get a full control system

With the i/o board, you have a full basic pool control system at your fingertips. 

This means that you can monitor and control your IntelliFlo 3 pump plus two other circuits like a light and a poolsweep pump.

This works with the Pentair Home app.  This control is not designed for pool spa systems, but this pump integrates well with the EasyTouch control for pool and spas. 

Check out those bolts

This pump body is held together with eight bolts.  The more bolts, the less likely you are to develop leaks between the seal plate and the pump body.


Pump Lid Gasket

How many times have you removed the pump lid only to have the o-ring fall off unnoticed onto the ground.

This pump lid o-ring stays in place when you take the lid off.  Just a little detail but it will keep you from losing it.

Large Strong Basket

The pump basket is large enough to handle a large amount of leaves.  It is also very well built so there is no need to buy a stronger aftermarket basket

Onboard Control Lights

The lights on the back of the pump give you a quick overview of what is happening with the pump.  

If you need, you can then connect to the pump using your phone via Bluetooth.  

Relocatable Antenna

It appears Pentair learned from the connectivity issues with the IntelliConnect.

The antenna on the IntelliFlo 3 can be extended by removing the antenna and attaching a SMA cable.  The antenna can then be placed at another location that receives better reception and has less electrical interference. 

You connect to Bluetooth on your phone and use that to connect to your WiFi.


Internal Thermal Sensor

The IntelliFlo 3 pump has an integrated thermal sensor which turns on the pump automatically when it senses a temp below the set point.

Because this sensor is located in the pump head, (warmer than air temp) it is recommended that it be set at 50 degrees to try to give you freeze protection of a sort.

We are testing an aftermarket external air temp sensor that we can plug into this pump to give a more secure freeze protection.

Until we have this available, we recommend running this pump 24/7 in freezing weather.

A note about freeze protection.

With true freeze protection, you need an air temp sensor that turns on the pump when the air temp drops to near freezing temperatures.  It has been this way from the old timer/freeze guard combos to the electronic control systems.

Pentair has tried other methods over the years.  The original IntelliFlo has a thermal sensor in the head. The IntelliConnect gets its air temp reading from National Weather Service.  We believe that there is no great substitute for a true air temp sensor.

The IntelliFlo 3 pump has an onboard thermal sensor which senses the temperature around the pump (which is not true air temp).  I have had some Pentair people tell me to set this thermal protection at 50 degrees.  The only problem with that is your pump will run constantly any time you are at 50 degrees or lower.  That kind of defeats the energy saving purpose of this pump.

We think that the best answer is to find a way to integrate a true air temp sensor. We are testing an aftermarket air temp sensor that we can plug into the aux inputs on this pump to turn in on when the air temp sensor drops below the set point.  This is a more secure level of freeze protection.

Until we have this air temp sensor integrated, the best thing is to run the pump 24/7 during freezing weather (at 2500 RPM or more).

With all that said, the IntelliFlo 3 pump is a fantastic pump and still our first choice.  You just need to remember to run it 24/7 during freezing weather until we are able to integrate this air temp sensor for freeze protection.


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