Replacement Pool Motors

If your variable speed pump goes out, you can replace just the motor and save .

Single Speed TEFC Motors

This is probably the best new product to come out in a while.  It is a high efficiency single speed pool motor that comes with a two year PARTS AND LABOR warranty backed by Pentair .

Standard Single Speed Motors

These are the traditional type of motor with copper windings and a one year parts only warranty.  If possible it is always better to pay just a little more and go with a TEFC replacement motor.

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When you need a new motor, you have options

Variable Speed Motors

Variable Speed – this saves up to 75% on your pool electricity costs by allowing you to dial in the exact flow needed 

Instead of running full throttle all day long, you can run the pump at lower speeds during the day.

This is compatible with Pentair and Jandy pool controllers.

This motor emulates an IntelliFlo pool pump.


TEFC High Efficiency Motors

TEFC – totally enclosed fan cooled – this keeps water, dirt and corrosion out of the motor which lengthens its lifespan.

Permanent Magnets – these use rare earth magnets to create the magnetic field which causes the motor to spin.

Runs Cooler – this helps extend the life of the motor.

High Efficiency – uses 25-50% less electricity

Standard Efficiency Motors

Open Case – there are openings in the motor case to allow air (and dust) to circulate around the motor windings.

Induction Windings – the magnetic field is created by a copper winding which uses a lot of energy and creates a lot of heat.

Runs Hotter – generates a lot more heat.

Low Efficiency – typically less than 50% efficient


VGreen Motor

Variable Speed Motor

If your variable speed pump goes out, chances are you probably just need a new motor, not an entire new pump.  This is less than half the cost of a new pump

This motor fits on Pentair and Jandy pumps and is compatible  with Pentair and Jandy controllers.

This motor can run standalone without a Pentair or Jandy controller, but we do not recommend it.  The built in programs just do not work with the way we program our pools here in Texas


Installed Prices

2.25 HP – 1150.00

Warranty Terms

18 Months Parts/Labor

This is slightly less powerful than the OEM VS motors, but this size is actually better suited for most residential pool spa combos.

OUR PROMISE:  If we install this motor and you are not 100% satisfied, we will credit the cost towards a new variable speed pump.


TEFC Motor

High Efficiency Motor

If you need a new motor, we strongly recommend this one.  It has the newer TEFC design which runs cooler, lasts longer and saves energy.  

It is manufactured by Pentair Pool Products and backed with a full 2 year parts and labor warranty.  No other motor offers this.

Installed Prices

1.5 HP – $750.00

2.0 HP – 825.00

2.5 HP – 835.00

Warranty Terms

2 Years Parts/Labor

Standard Motor

Standard Efficiency Motor

This is your basic traditional replacement motor

It is not a bad motor, but for a little bit more, I would recommend purchasing a TEFC motor or upgrading to a VS motor.

Installed Prices

1.0 HP – $625.00

1.5 HP – $675.00

2.0 HP – $725.00

2.5 HP – $775.00

Warranty Terms

1 Year Parts Only

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