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Pricing on most common items

Inflation is a fact of life these days, but some folks seem to be going way beyond that and charging prices that are simply exorbitant.  We believe in making a fair profit, but we also believe in treating people the way we want to be treated.

In the interest of transparency, here is our pricing on most common items.  We have put it all on one page because it is easier to keep it updated when it is in one location.

Prices change so quickly that these prices may not be 100% accurate but we do our best to keep them updated.


Pool Equipment Installation


(installed pricing)

IntelliFlo 2 (VSF) – obsolete

IntelliFlo 3 Standard – $2673.99

IntelliFlo 3 with i/o board – $3125.60

Whisperflo VST – 2522.32

SuperFlo VST – 2150.00


(installed pricing)

Clean & Clear Plus 420 – 1913.57

Clean & Clear Plus 520 – 2288.79

FNS Plus 48 sq. ft – 1981.87*

FNS Plus 60 sq. ft – 2120.22*

*includes push/pull valve


(installed pricing)

JXi400 Natural Gas – $4250.00

JXi400 Propane – $4250.00

MasterTemp 400 Natural Gas – $4250.00

MasterTemp 400 Propanes – $4250.00

Control Systems

(installed pricing)

IntelliCenter i5ps (Pool/Spa) – 3350.00
(523624 – includes phone app)

iAquaLink IQ-904-PS – 2650.00
(includes phone app)

EasyTouch PSL4 – $2650.00
(includes ScreenLogic)

EasyTouch PL4 – $2275.00
(includes ScreenLogic)

EasyTouch PS8 – $4250.00
(includes ScreenLogic)

Call for other pricing


(installed pricing)

Standard 50′ Pool Light – $602.13

Standard 50′ Spa Light – obsolete

Color LED Pool Light* – 956.03

Color LED Spa Light** – 1225.00

Color LED Bulb – $416.40

*these are standard fixtures with LED Color Splash bulbs installed.  Details Here

These are color LED fixtures since standard base spa fixtures are no longer available.  We are trying to find a new source for these.

Salt Systems

(installed pricing)

Aqua Rite 40k – $2350.00

IntelliChlor 40k – $2350.00

Add 10 bags salt – 229.00
(includes salt/delivery/labor)

Rainbow 320 – $250.00
(check valve $100 extra)

LED fixtures are overly expensive to buy and repair.  Using a standard fixture with an LED bulb saves about $300 initially and then saves $500-800 when the light fails at some point in the future.  These work with electronic controls or with manual controls.

Pool Equipment Repairs

Pool Pumps

(installed pricing)

Complete Seal Kit – $195.00
(includes all seals)

Replumb with Unions – $195.00

Call for other pricing

Pool Filters

(installed pricing)

DE Filter Clean – $135.00 + tax

Cartridge Filter Clean – $135.00 + tax
(we use a booster pump which gives a better longer lasting clean)

420 Cartridge Set – $477.00
(plus filter clean)

520 Cartridge Set – $541.20
(plus filter clean)

Service Call

Tech Repair Labor – $135.00/hour

Leak Detection Labor – $150.00/hour


Leak Detection and Repair

Our leak detection and repair work is done with our own “in house” employees with only the best equipment. We spend over $10,000 per truck on detection equipment and we persist until the leak is found.  

We may charge a little more, but we are the best value.  We are often called in after a pool owner has called the other guys, paid them, then they walked away without finding the leak, because they lacked equipment and expertise.

We also do leak detection for several other companies and welcome inquiries.  We won’t let you down.


Leak Detection

Pool Only – $600.00

Pool + Attached Spa – $700.00

Our typical leak detection takes 4-5 hours to complete.  

There are plenty of cheaper operators that will be happy to take your money and give you a bogus report.  We come in behind them all the time.

Leak Repairs

Skimmer Replacement – 2000.00
(basic replacement)

Under Deck Leak – 1250.00
(we attempt to save cutout piece)

Under Dirt Leak – $750.00

Our repairs are warranted for 2 years

We are your POOL PROBLEM SOLVERS.  Contact us today.









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