Color Changing LED Pool Lights

Color LED Pool Lights

If you want color changing LED pool/spa lights, we recommend buying a standard pool or spa fixture and installing a color changing LED bulb 

Generic Color LED Bulbs

If you do not have an electronic control system, we can install bulbs that are controlled by a module you plug into any outlet.  Simple and dependable.

Color Changing LED Bulbs

We can install color changing Pool/Spa LED bulbs in standard fixtures.  We have bulbs that sync up with Pentair controls as well as bulbs that stand alone with a plug in control module.  Call for information.

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Pentair Compatible Bulbs

If you have a control system that will control IntelliBrite lights (Pentair and Jandy systems will), then these bulbs are the answer.

We install them in a standard fixture.  If your fixture is old, we recommend replacing the fixture also.

We tell your system that you have IntelliBrite lights and now you can control the light colors directly from your ScreenLogic, Pentair Home or iAquaLink app on your phone or tablet.

These bulbs come in two sizes – one for pool lights and one for spa lights.  They have a two year warranty.

Generic Color LED Bulbs

If you do not have an electronic control system, this is the answer for you.

We install these bulbs in your standard sized pool or spa fixture and then you can use the module to control the colors, color shows and the speed of the color show.  You can even turn the lights on and off using this module.

These bulbs have a two year warranty and sync up to each other and to the module with ease.

These bulbs come in two sizes – one for pool and one for spa lights.

SunLite Fixture Conversion

If your SunLite fixture goes bad, you will soon discover that it is obsolete and replacements are not available.  

We take the old light ring and retrofit it with a fitting that allows us to install a MicroBrite LED light which can then be controlled by any controller that will run Pentair lights.

This requires a light as well as a 12 volt transformer.

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