When it comes to finding leaks, we are the BEST.  We are often called in after the other guys walk away and we find them EVERY TIME.

You’ve Got a Friend in the Pool Business

Pool Renovation

Give your pool an updated look with new mini-pebble, tile, coping and decking.  Add a tanning ledge or water feature for a great look.

Leak Detection

We have the experience and equipment and have developed proprietary methods including elemental tracer gas to insure we find your leak.

Pool Equipment

We provide expert troubleshooting, repair and installation of pumps, motors, filters, heaters and control systems.

Pool/Deck Lifting

If the Texas soil has pushed your pool and deck around, we have the power to push back and return your pool and deck to good levels.

Scale Removal

If hard water staining and scale has tarnished the look of your tile and stone, our industrial blasting equipment will make all the difference.

Don’t just hire “a guy” –  call or text MY POOL GUY at 469-651-9449 to set up a service appointment.

What We Do

We handle the challenges that are outside the scope of many pool service and construction firms


Pool resurfacing, tile, coping and decks are just a start.

We do major modifications also such as making deep pools shallow

Leak Detection

Our experience and equipment  sets us apart from the rest.

We have developed proprietary methods that insure that we will find your leak.

We don’t give up.

Equipment Repairs

If your pump, filter, heater or control system is not working, call us.

We have almost 40 years experience working on pool systems and we will troubleshoot and give options for repair or replacement.

Pool/Deck Lifting

If your pool or deck has shifted, give us a call.

Our experience in lifting pools and decks will get you back on the level.

Call us for a free estimate.

Scale Removal

Water deposits and scale can ruin the beautiful look of your pool.

Our industrial soda blasting equipment safely removes scale and lime.

What makes us different?


We answer our phones personally.

If it is more convenient, you can text our main line at 469-651-9449.

All calls and texts are automatically transcribed into our system to allow our management team to stay “in the loop” on what is happening with each customer.


We are a family business. Jonathan (left) and Jason (right) grew up in the business and learned our values from a young age

Jonathan manages our business side and remodeling jobs and Jason manages our leak detection/repair and special services.

Tim Mott (center) is still very involved on a full time basis overseeing the overall operation and customer service.


We have a fleet of professional grade service body trucks and construction equipment which enables us to handle almost any kind of pool problem.

We are recommended by over 20 other companies for their customers for things that are outside their normal scope of operation.


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Royse City TX  75189

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